Who are Online Classes For? Traits of A Successful Online Student

Anyone can take online classes. There are many online colleges available for students who are interested and many more colleges and universities which offer online classes in addition to their regular curriculum. Even very prestigious schools like the University of Washington offer online classes, for programs as in depth as Continuing Medical Education. The online classroom is a great place to learn if you are taking classes while working, raising a family, or even if you just don’t want to drive to school every morning. That said there are some personal qualities which make completing online classes easier.


When you don’t have a professor to tell you to do homework, or classmates who rely on you to complete your part of a group project, it can occasionally be difficult to keep up with homework. That is why students completing online college courses need to have self-discipline. Online classes require students to be aware of due dates without the aid of daily classroom reminders. Keeping a schedule and knowing what is due when requires self-discipline. And, not only do students need to remember when assignments are due, they need to have the self-discipline to complete their assignments before they are late.

Time Management Skills

It is easy to forget about your online courses when they don’t have a timeslot in your schedule. Online classes can get pushed off to the background if students have busy social schedules or work obligations. It is easy to overbook yourself and forget that you ever signed up for an online class until you suddenly remember that your homework is due. These lapses can be overcome if potential online students can utilize their time management skills. Making and keeping a schedule can help students keep track of assignments and due dates. Schedules can also help students know how much work they have coming up compared to how much free time they may have available.


With online classes, you need to be able to really commit to getting the work done. Online classes may seem like less of a commitment than traditional classes since you don’t need to physically be in the classroom. But in fact, many students find the online environment more difficult to succeed in than more traditional settings. This can be averted if students decide to commit to their online classes, and keep on track by being aware of due dates and by completing their work.

Online classes can be challenging, but with self-discipline, time management skills and commitment, students can accomplish just as much in the online classroom as they can in a traditional setting.

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